On the second day of the BeeCon Conference, on April 29th from 9:20 AM to 4:50 PM, we will host a Hack-a-thon.

This will be the perfect session for anyone looking to scratch their collaboration itch and work with other members of the community on an experimental addon, expanding or maintaining documentation in the Alfresco wiki, curating / upgrading an existing community project to the newest release of Alfresco, or simply discuss and define requirements for a feature or use case for which Alfresco may currently lack support or which would benefit from improvements. The wide array of potential activities means that any attendee may participate in this session, and in some cases differences in perspective or experience may even be essential factors.

The number of seats is limited for the Hack-a-thon, so we kindly ask you to register using the form below if you are going to join.

Birds of a Feather

Do you have a topic you want to discuss with other Alfresco Experts? Host a session for "Birds of a Feather" so that interested attendees can discuss it with you. You provide the topic, and we will provide the room and help other interested experts attend.

Birds of a Feather sessions allow for face-to-face collaboration for those interested in a topic; in other words "birds of a feather flock together". BoFs can consist of an informal presentation, discussion, or demonstration for people who share interests, goals, technologies, environments, or backgrounds. They need to be non-commercial and inclusive.

Due to the limited space, the conference organizers will review the proposed topics and select the ones with the broadest interest, so encourage other people that are interested in the same topic to also submit.

Hands On Sessions

We are excited to offer a few hands-on tutorial sessions about interesting technologies that you can add to your toolbox. These sessions are listed on the agenda. Make sure to bring your laptop!

Q&A Session

On the second day of the BeeCon Conference, on April 29th from 17:15 to 18:00, a panel of experts, from inside and ouside Alfresco, will answer your questions.

Do you have a question you want to share with our Alfresco Experts?