January 16-18, 2018 Lisbon, Portugal

Alfresco DevCon is back!

Go to Alfresco DevCon website to learn about the conference in 2018. This website is about BeeCon 2016-2017.

Alfresco Developer Conference

About the event

Organised by the Order of the Bee, an independent organisation of the Alfresco community, BeeCon puts learning first and leaves the marketing out. Whether you are a developer, information professional, student, or Alfresco employee, BeeCon is the place where you’ll find something for you, including:

  • 3 days of breakout sessions
  • Keynotes from Alfresco and Order of the Bee leadership
  • Bird of a Feather and Hands-On sessions
  • Hack-a-thon to level-up your skills
  • Networking and collaboration with other experts


On the first day of the BeeCon Conference, we will host a Hack-a-thon.

This will be the perfect session for anyone looking to scratch their collaboration itch and work with other members of the community on an experimental addon, curating / upgrading an existing community project to the newest release of Alfresco, or simply discuss and define requirements for a feature or use case for which Alfresco may currently lack support or which would benefit from improvements. The wide array of potential activities means that any attendee may participate in this session, and in some cases differences in perspective or experience may even be essential factors.


BeeCon is organised by the community. The conference would not take place without the support of sponsors.

Become a sponsor to be known in the Alfresco community, to meet new partners and customers, to hire new Alfresco developers and to show your Alfresco expertise.

See our sponsorship offering to learn more about benefits and requirements.

Contact marketing@orderofthebee.org to learn about our sponsorship offerings and to become a sponsor.

* photos from BeeCon 2016 made by John Newton and Olivier Anh










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@ Alfresco

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